About us

Welcome to the Living Word Missionary Baptist Church website. This website is dedicated to our church family and friends. Our website is another outreach ministry in which the good Lord has blessed, so we've designed our website with you in mind. Within the pages of our website we hope to express how God has blessed our church through your prayers, love and support. Our desire is it will be as big a blessing to you, as you all have been to us.

our pastor:

My name is Jason Callihan. Living Word has been my home Church for most of my adult life. My wife Amy and I joined Living Word back in 2002 shortly after we got married. We have seen God do amazing things in our lives ever since. Over the years God has added 3 beautiful children to our family, Brady, Madison and Lily Callihan.

When thinking of something to put in a bio about our ministry, the only thing that comes to mind is the word GRACE. Over the years we have been Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, Deacon, Evangelist and now Pastor. Each ministry is different, but they are all connected by the word GRACE. Where I am as an individual, where we are as a family and Church would not be possible without GRACE. My bio will never be able to be filled with great accomplishments that will impress anyone reading it. Hopefully as I grow in ministry, more can be added. But I know that anything good that my home or ministry is used to do, is all because of GRACE.

I am so thankful that God chose my home for the work of Pastor at Living Word. I would not esteem any calling higher! If God’s GRACE had limits, I couldn’t be typing this. I would have exceeded those limits may times. But I’m thankful there are no limits to his GRACE!

When I think about the work of a Pastor, it is with GRACE in mind. God has given me GRACE, and I believe in this role I should return the favor to others. On the desk in the office at Church I have a stone with this statement painted on it: “You’ve received GRACE, now extend GRACE.”

God Bless


Jason Callihan and Family