Mission Statement

One Another Church

A mission statement is more than a phrase the Church recites while in the building. Its something that is always in the forefront of our mind. The best mission statements are not the ones that catch the eye, but the ones that are carried out by the body of believers!

Living Word’s mission statement comes from a passage from John’s Gospel. In John 13 Jesus has one more conversation with all the disciples present. After dinner and after he washed their feet, he tells them his time has come. One of them will betray him and he will be delivered up. At the end of this conversation, Jesus leaves them with what he calls a “new commandment.” John 13:34 reveals it to us…A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love ONE ANOTHER.

The phrase “one another” caught our eye so much that our mission is to be a ONE ANOTHER Church. But again, the best mission statements are not the ones that catch our eye, but the ones that are carried out by the body! The Bible teaches to love, submit, forbear, exhort, edify, serve, prefer, receive, admonish, teach, comfort, pray for, not judge, confess faults to and bear one another’s burdens! Can you imagine a body of believers who are a “one another” Church? If we read the book of Acts with “one another” in our hearts and mind, we’ll see what a one another Church looks like!

The early NT Church lacked a lot of things that we have in our day. They lacked communication techniques like radio, YouTube, Facebook. The Gospel could only be spread as far as they could travel because they lacked convenient transportation. They lacked the freedom we have, to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Acts we read some towns had to have Church in people’s homes because they lacked buildings to worship in. If we’re being historically accurate, they didn’t have the Canon of the New Testament to read, preach and teach from. Yet God added to them daily! Despite what they were missing, the word of God mightily increased in the land. They had power with God. How is this possible? Because they had God, and they had “ONE ANOTHER!”

At Living Word our mission is clear. Be a one another Church. Be a Church that loves, edifies and serves ONE ANOTHER! This is God’s pattern, plan and purpose! If God moves on your heart to do so, please come visit and be part of a Church that our focus is reaching UPWARD to God, INWARD to “one another” and OUTWARD to a world that desperately needs to see JESUS.